Dark Soft Wax

$ 24.95

Annie Sloan Soft Wax is the perfect partner for Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan because they have been developed to work together. It can be used for protection and to give a beautiful mellow matte finish on painted furniture, cabinets, and walls. Our Soft Wax can be mixed with Chalk Paint® making a colored/tinted wax - pretty amazing!

Dark Soft Wax Tips: 

Apply Annie’s Dark Soft Wax by rubbing every which way so the Dark Soft Wax seeks out all the crevices and texture of the painted surface.  Leave to absorb for a minute then wipe off the excess with a clean dry cloth.  Cheesecloth will work best.  Use Clear Soft Wax to take off some Dark Soft Wax if you need to.

You will want to apply Clear Wax prior to applying Dark Wax for best results.  The exceptions to this rule may be when waxing over Graphite or some of the other darker colors (Emperor's Silk, Burgundy, Napoleonic Blue.)  Experiment for yourself, but we guarantee you will not be a happy camper if you apply Dark Wax to the lighter colors on the palette.  The wax will simply stain your paint,  not allowing you to manipulate or remove unwanted excess. 

To darken your dark wax, try adding some of Annie Sloan's Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint®.  This is especially helpful if you want to create the darkest color (closest to black) possible. 

To loosen up your Dark Wax, add a bit of mineral spirits, 70% wax, 30% mineral spirits, creating a pudding-like consistency.  This will extend your "working time." 

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