Connie Brown

Welcome! I'm Connie Brown, aka Murphy Wells, your host at Simpler Times Designs. After 24 years as a radio personality, I hung up the 'phones' and picked up the brush when the shop opened to share the endless and beautiful possibilities of Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan.  I'm a wife, mom, smom and gmom and have an enormous passion for the arts - including music, dance and theater.  My past experience with theater,  improv and serving in the USAF as an instructor, easily transfers to the shop and teaching workshops. Growing up in Kansas, I found my right brain talents and passions led me to a variety of arts - drawing, watercolor, ceramics, fabrics, tile, woodworking - a lot of it I learned from watching and helping my Grandpa, who was a carpenter. Relics from the past inspire me - old paintings, tapestries, primitive wood boxes, old barns and windmills, vintage hardware, mid-century pieces that tell a story - they all bring back memories of simpler times. This paint inspires me. We are certified, well trained Annie Sloan Stockists and are proud to share our knowledge of the only, the original, Chalk Paint®. Stop by and see us - we'll spend as much time with you as you need. You can do this.