Watercolor Technique Inspired by Annie Sloan June 16 2014, 3 Comments

Hi there!  Connie picked up this little writing desk at the Goodwill last week for $7.  Yes, $7! So, we hemmed and hawed about what to do with it.  We could paint it using two colors, Dark Wax, yadda, yadda.  Naaaaa.

"Hey, let's try something new!"

As I was flipping through some magazines at the shop, I came across this color combination.  It's the back cover of the summer Sundance catalog (one of my favorite stores, by the way.) I see Louis Blue, Antibes Green, Country Grey, and... I can mix that purplish pink color- Yes I can!

You see, I'm not so creative when it comes to new techniques or perfect color combinations.  You can often find me thumbing through catalogs or scouring the internet for inspiration.  I'm ok with that. I mean, how much did someone over at Sundance get paid to come up with that color combo?  Lots, I bet. I'll steal it. Yep.  Trying something new... hmmm... I really liked the spread Fresh Style Magazine did on Annie in the last issue.

There were pages and pages of color combos and inspiration-  from the Queen of Paint herself.

I loved the watercolor technique she used on the top of a dresser.  Now, that's something I had never done before. Here it is: 

And here is my interpretation using those bright, spring colors from the Sundance catalog:

I painted the top using Country Grey as a base, in an 'every-which-way' pattern with my Annie Sloan medium paint brush.  Then I added the stripes using Louis Blue, Antibes Green and a custom mix of Emile and Emperor's Silk (equal parts.)  Remember to use lots of water when painting the stripes to give it that 'watercolor' effect.  I lightly sanded with a fine grit sanding block until the texture of the Country Grey appeared through the stripes and finished it with Clear Soft Wax.  I lightly buffed it the next day, achieving a beautiful shine. 

I painted the bottom using Country Grey and Duck Egg-  just dipping my brush randomly in both colors.  No particular plan, really.  Then I used some of the leftover custom pink mix and tinted my Clear Soft Wax.  Oh, my!!  LOVED IT!  Can you see the pinkish wax in the recesses of the legs?  I will be tinting my wax more often, for sure. Not bad for a $7 Goodwill find.

I hope this post inspires you to seek new color combinations from your favorite fashion catalogs, mix your own colors, and try some new techniques.

To learn Annie's watercolor technique like I did, click on this link from Fresh Style Magazine. www.freshstylemag.com/annie-sloan-chalk-paint/

Till next time--

Chalk On!!